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2016 – WE ARE REFLECTS our History!

REFLECTS UK About Us 2016

That’s our companies history, the one at the centre of PSI 2016 too. We introduce REFLECTS history by LM ACCESSOIRES this year and emphasise how very alive the brand is. 100 people from around the globe who can provide excellent promotional goods virtually anywhere in Europe at the drop of a hat are what’s behind REFLECTS. The company’s based in Cologne, a convenient location logistically. Our team can supply customers almost everywhere in Europe within one day. Even our suppliers in the Far East are virtually just around the corner from Cologne: Allowing us to quickly prepare and deliver goods to our customers in no time. By air, sea or land. From Cologne to the world!

We aimed for interaction and communication with our partners with a grand show featuring four German TV stars, presentation of new products and two films on our expertise and product range. Added value and transparency where customers are concerned and staff who consider our clientele worthy of the best of treatment were the spirit of the PSI and will be emphasised in all our activities in the coming year.

This year’s product highlights are real eye catchers. The STRAP CONCEPT LOLLICLOCK FASHION wristwatch concept combines 38 trendy watch straps with 73 LOLLICLOCK history and 24 REFLECTS models. This makes over 3,600 basic options available in orders from 25 pieces.

The USB stick with adhesive notes designed by Maren Baum won a design prize from the technical university of Aachen under Professor Wagner. The adhesive notes can easily be replaced and thus make it possible to change the lettering as often as the owner wants.

The exclusive ballpen CLIC CLAC-CAMPBELLTON premiered at the PSI as a First Product. This ballpen provides a large doming surface and turns into a unique brand item by your logo. The square doming is installed on the head of the pen.

We also offer sports products such as skateboards and scooters.

2015 – Fit with REFLECTS

REFLECTS UK About Us 2015

We surprised everyone at the PSI with our sporty concept. A flash mob of 25 dancers with REFLECTS PERSONAL TRAINERs animated the audience to join in and incidentally introduced this product onto the market. The small expander is always ready for use. It fits in any handbag, drawer or glove box.

Our UV in-house printing has been expanded. This quick printing method takes up where pad printing ends.

We’re expanding our brand history and we’ve now issued our first seasonal catalogue running to over 500 pages called the REFLECTS SPECIALS CATALOGUE 2015. Our range of products involving lanyards, pins, USB sticks and REFLECTS Powerbanks shown in that catalogue proves our specialised expertise.

Entirely en vogue. The LOLLICLOCK ALARM, LOLLICLOCK PLANE, LOLLICLOCK CARE and above all our fashionable LOLLICLOCK FASHION wristwatch line are among our new products.

2014 – LOLLICLOCK EVOLUTION right on time

REFLECTS UK About Us 2014

LOLLICLOCK has fans and the company once again ventured to set standards for timekeeping. LOLLICLOCK EVOLUTION history was born and unveiled in a spectacular live show at PSI 2014. Yet the REFLECTS brand also once again found itself increasingly at the heart of the action. With the REFLECTS SPECIALS catalogue, LM ACCESSOIRES demonstrated that the company is also capable of capturing the zeitgeist on all other levels.

2013 – Happy birthday to you! LM ACCESSOIRES turns 25

REFLECTS UK About Us 2013

LM ACCESSOIRES has entered history turned 25 in 2013. ‘25 years – that is just the best age!’ said Meinhard Mombauer at the time. ‘We are grown up, yet still possess boundless energy and are curious to try new things.’ He thanked his employees for 25 successful years, some of whom had already been at the company for decades, demonstrating their full commitment and passion for the job. ‘However, I would also like to thank our loyal customers, who appreciate what we do for them and with whom a close bond has developed in many cases,’ added Mombauer. He also didn’t leave out the many suppliers and partners at home and abroad from the list of those he wished to thank. ‘Together with everybody, LM ACCESSOIRES has come a long way and it has been a fascinating journey that is nowhere near over,’ said the managing director. He is proud of everything that has been achieved together and looks forward to having the opportunity to build on these healthy and solid foundations..

LOLLICLOCK ROCK was also launched in 2013 creating history, and immediately won the Promotional Gift Award! to coincide with the PSI trade fair. The clock was given its own bright and eye-catching presentation space at PSI 2013 and stood there proudly as if it were at an Oscar ceremony. It certainly deserved it.

2012 – Welcome aboard – aditan becomes a subsidiary of LM ACCESSOIRES

REFLECTS UK About Us 2012 Aditan

Logistical synergies are a great concept, which is why the decision was taken in 2012 to establish the company’s history aditan as an independent subsidiary of REFLECTS GmbH. With name badges, sunglasses, lanyards, promotional articles and presentation systems, aditan serves its own client base under the guidance of managing director Dirk Haynberg.

2012 – The product range adds a new brand: LOLLICLOCK

REFLECTS UK About Us 2012 Lolliclock

LM ACCESSOIRES has always loved a splash of colour. With the LOLLICLOCK family of watches, the portfolio was enhanced by a product range without equal. LOLLICLOCK, LOLLICLOCK Chrome + Date, LOLLICLOCK Crystal and LOLLICLOCK Chrono sold like hot cakes. Sixteen colours from pastel shades to bright tones proved a highly effective way of conveying a company’s corporate identity.

2011 – LM ACCESSOIRES at the PSI

REFLECTS UK About Us 2011

As the industry’s top trade fair, the PSI is also a key event for LM ACCESSOIRES to present the product innovations of the year. The company revealed its completely new look when it exhibited there in 2011. Transparent, easy, open and diverse are words that can be used to describe the new trade fair look.
The catalogue is also being given a new face. White and silver underline the new image.

2010 – The Welcome Home event series

REFLECTS UK About Us 2010 Welcome Home
LM ACCESSOIRES met with nine of the industry’s top suppliers to launch the Welcome Home event series, giving customers the opportunity to visit these companies and find out how their suppliers work and how quality is produced. All new products and innovations are still showcased in a pleasant, homely atmosphere before the annual PSI trade fair, along with company tours, interesting mini seminars, bonus initiatives and product training sessions. An accompanying programme of culinary delights ensures that connoisseurs get their money’s worth.

2008 – 2009 – Fast, faster – REFLECTS

REFLECTS UK About Us 2008

Never stand still. Always stay on the ball. People at the company were enjoying what they were doing, so it was little wonder that the creative ideas for product design just kept flowing. As capacity for customisation grew, so did the ambition to take things to the maximum level. With ‘Fast, faster – REFLECTS’ LM ACCESSOIRES was soon providing a customisation service which also gave its customers more time. The service concept included printed and laser-engraved samples in one day, three days for the engraving or printing of selected articles with no express surcharge and five-day delivery for printed and laser-engraved items.

New, practical concepts – Straight Forward

REFLECTS UK About Us 2008

The principle behind special designs was also ‘Straight Forward’. For badges, caddy chips, lanyards, USB sticks, wristwatches, writing instruments and promotional balls, concepts were created which made it easy for customers to develop individual articles in clear and easy steps.

2004 – More ‘more’ for customers

REFLECTS UK About Us 2004

LM ACCESSOIRES was enjoying increasing popularity and enhanced its product portfolio continually and extensively. At the same time, the company kept a constant eye on market trends and movements. Accordingly, it introduced euro calculators, LED lights, leather articles, bar accessories, footballs, textiles, USB sticks and writing instruments. Core competencies in the area of special badge designs were expanded to include lanyards and wristwatches. If the market didn’t offer what people were looking for, LM ACCESSOIRES developed its own designs. The important criteria always remained the same: the products must be good quality, sensibly priced in line with the market, be of practical use and ideally suited to customising, all in keeping with the company’s slogan: Small things – big value. Such versatility is also reflected in the customer-oriented catalogues which are circulated annually on the occasion of PSI.

2003 – LM ACCESSOIRES under a new roof

REFLECTS UK About Us 2003

The groundbreaking ceremony
A total of 5,500 square metres of office, warehouse and production space on an area of land measuring 13,000 square metres was looking forward to being filled with life in 2003.
Modern infrastructure with in-house production facilities, where customisation work such as pad printing, laser engraving, doming and gold working could be carried out promptly and in accordance with the company’s own specifications and service standards, made LM ACCESSOIRES more efficient than ever before.

1988 – How it all began

REFLECTS UK About Us 1988

You could never say that Meinhard Mombauer was bored when he and his friend Kai Lühr decided to earn some money on the side as students. Both were studying in Cologne when they came up with the idea of selling tiepins. The promotional merchandise industry wasn’t even on either of their radars back then. That was soon to change. Badges and key rings were very quickly added to the customised pieces of jewellery for men. While Kai Lühr returned to studying medicine, Meinhard Mombauer discovered his passion for trading promotional items once and for all. In the 1990s the small company, which had since moved into offices, got to know the market better and experienced healthy and steady growth. The product range was ultimately enhanced to include metal articles. The REFLECTS brand was established in 1998. When the company finally outgrew the offices and warehouse on Stolberger Strasse in Cologne, in 2000, a decision was made in 2002 to move to a greenfield site in the Marsdorf district of Cologne and build new premises.